Chapter 0 – Page 4

Skye tries to be helpful?



Creator’s Commentary:

 While drawing this one I had Mikey’s line, “Ninja Kick the damn rabbit!” from the original 1990 TMNT movie running through my head. Couldn’t imagine why…




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Body tests 1 & 2, testing both directions of the fabric. Gave me a really good idea of where to go next. Lots of alterations to be done, but I know where to go. The sculpt definitely makes this easier as I have something to constantly reference for my shapes. cindersdesigns photo

OI MATE! A cheeky cockatoo's held a Geelong woman 'hostage' inside her own car after trying to pinch her ear-ring.

WARNING: contains lots of giggling and cocky-death-stares... @10NewsFirst @10NewsFirstPER @10Daily
cindersdesigns photo

Finished my 2nd bookmark, this time with Aspen! The background took ages to vector all those books, but it looks so good, I’m really please with it! Hm, seems I’ve done a dragon in a library before... cindersdesigns photo
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